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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Crack in the Line Book Discussion and Author Chat

If you're a writer, pay attention. I have fun news for you!

There is going to be a book discussion and author chat on Facebook, Friday, May 11 at 2pm EST.  You shouldn't miss it. There are a variety of things going on with this event that can benefit you. Yes, I'm looking at you. Let me explain.

American hardcover edition
The event kicks off with a real time book discussion of Michael Lawrence's Printz award nominee, A Crack in the LineMichael, himself, will be online for the discussion as well. How often do you get to attend a book discussion with the author present? Not often. But, wait! Before you click to another page because you haven't read the the book and you don't care to, let me explain what else is in store.

First, you'll have to opportunity to pick the brain of an author who has published over 40 books for all ages in the youth spectrum. Books for babies? Yes. Books for beginning readers? Yes. Early chapter books? Yes. Middle grade? Yes. YA? Yes! He's offering both readers and writers the chance to ask their burning questions during this event.

Still not interested? Well, have you considered coming to scope out the possibilities social media offers you to connect to your audience? People are doing online release parties these days. Have you been to one? Do you know how to conduct such a thing for yourself? Are you interested in doing your own author chats on your social media network of choice? Then attend as many as possible in the meantime. See what works and what doesn't. It's a fun kind of research, wouldn't you say? And, you never know, you might find an author whose work you'll really enjoy. Or get some great tips. Or make a new friend. The possibilities are endless!

Yes, I admit, Michael is one of my top 3 favorite authors but I wanted to share the news about this cool event that I think will offer a lot to current fans as well as people who aren't familiar with his work at all. Will I be there? You bet! I hope you will too! (even if you don't read the book ahead of time)

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