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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bethany Telles Interview

The next new MeeGenius author I'm spotlighting is Bethany Telles. Her story is absolutely adorable, Waiting for James in a Sea of Pink. (isn't that a great title too?) I hope you'll check out her story, right after you check out her interview.

The Restless Writer (RW): Your story, Waiting for James in a Sea of Pink is really cute! This sounds like something you have personal experience with. How did inspiration strike you? 
Bethany Telles (BT): Our family mainly consists of boys, including our two little ones. However, my husband has one little cousin who happens to be... a girl. *Gasp!* She's the most stereotypical, adorable little girl I have ever met, and her fourth birthday was EXACTLY as described in my book. I've never seen so much pink! I noticed her older brother pacing by the window during the party, bored to frantic tears, waiting and waiting for his friend to come. It was just too easy!

RW: What's the best party you've ever been to? 
BT: I have no idea! I'm usually the party thrower, so I'd be completely biased. My dream party would be some sort of masquerade ball or Mad Hatter Tea Party!

RW: I love the character names in your book. How do you choose character names, generally? BT: Honestly? Okay, don't laugh... I couldn't give up the baby name book I got when I was pregnant with my first kiddo. It's sitting right on my desk, next to my Dictionary and Thesaurus!

RW: I really like the illustrations for your book. How did you feel the first time you saw them? 
BT: I was blown away. It wasn't at all what I had pictured in my mind, so when I saw how artistically different Mr. Parker had interpreted my story, I jumped for joy. I loved the expressions on the characters' faces, and the teeny tiny details he threw in. He did such a great job!

Author Bethany Telles
RW: Gavin has to wait in a sea of pink. What color would you hate to be surrounded by? 
BT: Anything neon, I think. I'm an earthy-tone kind of gal!

RW: Who do you relate to more in your book, Gavin or Brittin? 
BT: Gavin. Hands down! Haha I am NOT the girliest girl on the planet... Plus, my brother (and his friends) got away with everything when we were growing up!

RW: What's next for your writing? 
BT: Well, I plan on perfecting my craft (if there is such a thing!) and submitting like a crazy person to agents. I am involved in Julie Foster Hedlund's 12x12 in 2012- that's where you write one picture book draft each month this year- so I'm hoping to have enough manuscripts under my belt in case I finally catch the eye of someone willing to take a second look at me.

RW: If you could have lunch with any author, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you want to talk about? 
BT: Good Lord! I didn't see this coming... Well, it's a toss up between Tolkien and Seuss! They both had such deep connections with their own imaginations. I think we would talk about all the people in the restaurant we'd be eating at. I would probably pick one person, then ask them to create that person's life story. Just to hear what they'd have to say? Man... I'd have goosebumps for years!

RW: If you could go on a writer's retreat, where would you most want to go? 
BT: Scotland or Italy. I know they have one in Italy (or did!), but those are two places I'm dying to see. If I'm going to be realistic, though, the SCBWI Winter Conference in New York is up there on my list as well!

Thanks for a fun interview, Bethany! You can keep tabs on Bethany at her blog:


  1. Fantastic interview ladies!!! I loved hearing about your lunch date Bethany, very funny! I agree, Mr. Parker did a wonderful job illustrating your book! My kids and I love your book, but you already know that! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  2. Fun to read Bethany's responses to your creative questions! Congrats, Bethany. Such a fun story! I hope you keep pursuing your writing dreams. You've got talent!