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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lisa Rose Interview

     It is truly a pleasure for me to introduce you to the next MeeGenius author in my interview series,  Lisa Rose. And what makes Lisa Rose so special? Well, she's a hometown girl! She's in my regional SCBWI chapter and I've had the wonderful opportunity of meeting her in person.  I am so happy that we're both MeeGenius authors now. Truly, it's a wonderful group to be part of, as you've been learning from these interviews. (and there are more to come!)  Lisa Rose is the author of Oh No! The Easter Bunny is Allergic to Eggs!
     Welcome, Lisa Rose!

The Restless Writer (RW): How long have you been writing for kids?

Lisa Rose (LR): I have always loved writing and kids. I was a babysitter, camp counselor, swim instructor, and first grade teacher. I guess you could say that it was only natural that I wrote for children. I studied children’s literature and adult playwriting at the University of Michigan. However, once I started teaching I was so immersed in children’s writing that I began to write less plays and more children’s books.
When my husband had brain cancer, I realized that life was too short not to live your dreams. I loved teaching, but I really felt like I was supposed to write. He recovered, we had a child, I stopped teaching and now I take care of my daughter and write.

RW: You've written a really unique and heartwarming story about the Easter Bunny. How did you come up with the idea for this story?

LR: I was working with an agent. She was trying to sell my Jewish themed pictures books. We had no success. So she suggested I write a holiday book for the mass market. My agent claimed that publishers look for holiday books with unique twists. I wrote the first draft on a long car ride to Syracuse to see my in-laws. And yes, ironically, I am Jewish.

RW: Since this book features a holiday, I must ask, what is your favorite holiday?

LR: I love Halloween because it is just fun! No pressure with presents, family, or dinners. All you have to do is be willing to be silly.

RW: What has been your favorite part of working with MeeGenius?

LR: I have been published in e-mags and in anthologies but this is my first illustrated book. It is so exciting to see my words come alive. I see my stories in my head (in fact I still picture things like a playwright on the stage) but now other people can have that view too.

RW: Do you have any other writing projects in the works right now?

LR: I always have things at various stages, but right now I am more excited about my chapter book titled THE WAR SWITCHED MY DAD. It is a timely book that shows how a family copes with a loved one returning from war suffering from P.T. S. D. This chapter book is like Encyclopedia Brown meets M.A.S.H. It is mystery that also tackles a very serious issue like P.T.S.D. with sensitivity and a touch of wacky humor.

RW: What are your favorite holiday books? (Any holiday)
LR: It’s going to sound cliché but I love T’was the Night before Christmas. It is just so perfect in so many ways. I think this is why it has endured for so long. I liked it as a child and as an adult writer I admire it.

RW: What is your favorite time of day to write? Are you more creative in the morning, afternoon or evening?

LR: I think of my best ideas when I am working out early (4-6 am) in the morning. My brain is crisp and clear and I let it wander while my heart pounds and body sweats. I write down my ideas (mostly on sweaty scraps of paper) and work on them when I have time. I have a four year old with special needs so writing time is scheduled. I have a sitter come to my house to play with her while I work upstairs.

RW: What would you say to an aspiring author who is hesitating on trying digital publishing because they have that dream of a print book?

LR: I would state the fact that Amazon sold more e-books than print books last year. Then I would ask a question: Why would you want to be a cassette tape when you could be an iPod?

RW: How do you get back on track when you're not in the mood to write?

LR: Because of my “mom job” I can’t work every day so it’s a real treat when I finally get a chance to put my butt in the chair and work on what has been rattling around in my head and spilling out onto (sweaty) little pieces of paper. Also, I find when you are paying someone to watch your child you can become quite creative on command---LOL!
Seriously, I find it more challenging to cope with the rejection. If someone says they want to write, I tell them to run full speed into a brick wall 1000 times. If after all that they still want to write, then I tell them to sit down and write and rewrite and rewrite.
The All American Rejects help me too. The song Move Along “When all you have to be is strong move along, move along. Even if you hope is gone, move along move along…right back what is wrong.” To me, this means to just keep writing and learning and submitting no matter how many rejections you receive. Just keep going. BELIEVE. LIVE THE DREAM.

For more info see www.LisaRoseWrites.com

Thank you so much for dropping by, Lisa Rose!


  1. Great interview Sarah and Lisa. Loved learning more about Lisa and how you squeeze the writing in. Great advice to just keep going. What else can we do if we want to succeed?

    So excited for your book. You've certainly worked hard to get to this point. Good luck with it.

  2. Hi Sarah and Lisa! I've known Lisa for years, and it was very fun to see one of her stories illustrated. Looking forward to reading more!