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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picture book #2

Well, it seems that Pajama Girl is well received.  MeeGenius has listed it on the Bestsellers section of their website.  It is always good to see your book and 'bestseller' together.  I also heard an awesome tidbit from a co-worker who shared the book with her 9 yr. old daughter.  After reading the book together, the daughter went to her room to play with her dolls.  Her mother discovered that her daughter had made tissue costumes for each of her dolls.  When asked what she was doing, the daughter replied that she was playing with her superhero dolls. 
That's huge news for me!  That makes Pajama Girl a success in my eyes.  No further proof necessary.  (but further proof would be awesome).
So, while I'm very happy with how Pajama Girl is doing, I'm also thinking of picture book #2.  It has to happen, you know.  I'm currently making a list of subjects I'd like to tackle in a picture book and drafting a few outlines for some.  The creativity this time around is not as dramatic as it was for Pajama Girl.  I will blame this on the seemingly never ending rain and gloom that Michigan is throwing at us this 'spring'.  I will also blame this on never ending respiratory infections plaguing my children and, in due course, my husband and me.  But I'm getting there. 
I am also gearing up to have my first ever blog contest, right here at the Restless Writer, so stay tuned for that.  Also hoping to get another interview up here soon. 
So I'll end by posing a couple questions for you.
1.  What is a picture book you'd like to see but haven't been able find anywhere?
2.  Who would you like to see interviewed?  (from the writing profession)
3.  Do you think the Michigan rain will end before someone has to build an ark?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Sarah, you crack me up! A few answers for you...
    1.) More Pajama Girl adventures
    2.) Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler on their new book
    3.) Rain = Pretty green lawns. Remember that as you stare at July's brown-patched front yard, mmm kay?

  2. Congrats on making the bestseller list.

  3. Thanks Jody and Natalie. I am thinking about more Pajama Girl adventures, and I'm also totally amazed about 'bestselling' 'author' and 'Sarah Perry' being strung together. It's a good amazement for sure. :D