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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Progress, progress!

After an awesome birthday, I spent the evening winding down with some writing. Chapter 34 is complete. It's on to 35 now! It would seem that I'm ahead of the 2 chapters/mo. goal for this month! The initial fire has already worn off, if you can believe it. Fizzles fast, my friends. So it's back to the grind of getting this story out of my head and heart and onto the screen. Thinking about the looming deadline of the conference, I realize how much work is left to be done. I want the draft finished, but I'd like to have something better than that to offer should anyone take interest. Some serious proofreading will need to occur. Luckily, I have a friend who is a professional proofreader to help me out there and also an awesome retired literature professor who A) believes in me and B) gives great insight. Between the two of them I'm confident I'll have a finished product that is at least worth something before the editors take a whack at it. I'm also thinking I may open up the initial reading to a very few good friends just to see what they think of it as a story. More on this as the time draws near.
Anyway, feeling good that things are moving on. Feeling great that I had a birthday massage. Things are going well all around.

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