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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank you!

I would be remiss if I didn't post a big THANK YOU to Mel of MimiNicole Designs for creating this awesome background for my blog! I love it!!! You are so awesome!

Well, I had great intentions to finish writing chapter 34 today. My daughter was at preschool, my mom came over early to help me out so she was putting the baby to bed. Alas and alack, the baby didn't go to sleep (no surprise with this child), so we all sat around in the dining room talking and wondering why the baby refuses to sleep. So, the farthest I got was opening up the file and then watching the computer fall asleep. Sigh. I'm taking heart in the fact that it's only January 7 so I still have the rest of the month to complete my 2 chapters to stay on target for finishing the draft by August.

Somehow I managed to score a 4 day weekend every month, which is coming up this weekend, so I'd better get some writing done then. Also, many thanks to my loving husband who indulges me in my crazy desire to write...and travel across the country for the big conference...and puts the kids to bed, when it isn't his turn, so I can get more accomplished in a day.

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