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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Author Angst

This picture represents me at this very moment. I have the house to myself. Plenty of time to sit down and write. I took advantage of it. Sat myself down, opened my file and realized, 'Crap. This scene isn't going anywhere. Don't know how to fix it right now. Blah!' So frustrating! This might have something to do with the fact that I tend to write by the seat of my pants. A 'pantser' if you will. (seriously, it means you write without a plan. No outlining. I didn't make it up.)

So, now I'm annoyed that I have this time to write and I'm not using it to advance my story. I love this story. It's going to be fantastic. But, clearly, I haven't given it enough thought yet. All in good time.

Since I have the writing time, I thought I'd return to my blog. (aren't you delighted?) Since you're hoping for some information here, I'll mention some of the top songs on my writing playlist for this story I'm not writing currently. What do you think of this?

1. Paradise - Coldplay (this is the song that actually inspired the whole thing.)
2. Shadow Boxer - Fiona Apple
3. Stay or Leave - Dave Matthews
4. Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons
5. I Will Not Forget You - Sarah McLachlan

And, lest you think I've forgotten about it. Dream Girl is out to publishers at this very moment. She's on her job interview, waiting to get hired. So, here are some of her top tracks too, in order of most listened to while writing.

1. Fear - OneRepublic
2. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
3. Evangelina Butterfly Dupree - The Aldous U Collective
4. Distance - Christina Perri
5. To the Ghosts Who Write History - The Low Anthem
6. Won't Stop - OneRepublic
7. Lullaby - OneRepublic
8. Porcelain - Moby
9. Trapeze - Iron and Wine
10. House of Wax - Paul McCartney


  1. I like that this work-in-progress was inspired by a song! It reminds me that inspiration can come from anywhere. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So true! Inspiration can come from the strangest places sometimes. I love it. Thanks for commenting!