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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A monumental honor

Since I've immersed myself in the business of writing and publishing, whenever I read a new book, I always look at the dedication and acknowledgments. Sometimes, I wonder who those names belong to. Increasingly, some of the names become familiar. Ah, that's an agent. That's another author I heard speak at a conference. Whoa, that's a dude I met at a conference. Etc.

Well, as much as I want to see my own name printed on the cover of a book, I never in my wildest dreams expected my name to appear, alone, on the dedication page of a book. I mean, who dreams of that? It's awesome but how could such a thing happen? Well, I'll tell you how. You need to make friends with authors. (or belong in their immediate family).

In my case, I wrote an email to an author, 7 years ago, to tell him how much I loved one of his books. Over the years, we've become friends. Such good friends, in fact, that he surprised me by dedicating the final book in the Jiggy McCue series to me. I can't explain the emotions that jockeyed for position in the moment I saw my name staring back at me from the coveted dedication page.

I am humbled, honored and delighted. And, naturally, I love this book. 

Me loving "my" book.

Murder and Chips by Michael Lawrence, is a UK import. (if you know me, you know this is even more thrilling for me). If you want to read a book and tell people, hey, I know the lady this book is dedicated to, I hope you'll support my friend and get a copy for yourself. Besides, while I'm waiting for my name to be printed on the spine of my own book, I'll gladly sign the dedication page of this one for you.

Love and rainbows!

The Restless Writer...a little less restless thanks to this.


  1. What an honor! And I look forward to seeing your name on the cover of many books, too.

  2. Thanks so much, Kristin. I expect to see your name on some book covers as well!

    Thanks, Natalie. You could definitely use the word "thrilled" to describe how I feel about the whole thing.