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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Roo Cadell Interview

You may have read a couple posts back that I wanted to start a publicity group to honor worthy authors who aren't getting the attention they deserve. This applies to indie, self-pubbed, and traditionally published books. (If you want to join the group or nominate a title for this, email me at indiebookgroup (at) gmail (dot) com.

The first selection for this group is the superbly written and unforgettable book, The Rainey Seasons by Roo Cadell, available exclusively as a Kindle ebook. The book follows Mel Rainey as she discovers that life isn't what she thought and there are more invisible possibilities than she could ever have imagined.   From a depressed, surly teenage boy, to a crazy aunt, to a mysterious old man to the smart and quick witted Mel, herself, the cast of characters is so unique and enthralling that you will carry them around with you for a very long time.

The writing itself is so good it makes me jealous. (No joke. This is definitely one of those books I wish I'd written.)  I truly believe this book is of the caliber of best seller status. And, the way hot teen books go today, this would make for an incredible movie franchise. (anybody out there have any film connections?)

    I decided to ask Roo a few questions, which she was kind enough to answer. I hope you'll take a look at her book. It's $3.50 well spent. I also hope you'll enjoy our little Q&A. Now, let's meet Roo Cadell!

Restless Writer (RW): How long have you been writing?

Roo Cadell (RC): Since my mid-teens really, but I only began publishing about eight years ago, in my mid-twenties, starting with stories written for a partworks publisher (available monthly by subscription), followed by several novels written to a fairly strict formula under various names for a packager that produces series for publishers of children’s books. While I was writing these I wrote other things for myself, the main project being The Rainey Seasons.

RW: Why did you decide to go the Kindle ebook route to publishing?

RC: Honestly? I got fed up of publishers telling me that the work I sent them wasn’t what they were looking for just then, or that it was out of tune with the current market. It was never my ambition to write for a specific market. It might sound conceited, but I only ever wanted to write for myself (hoping that a few people out there would be interested). So... the ebook route!

RW: Besides the amazing The Rainey Seasons, you've also written the adorable Swoozy Noon series. Are you currently working on anything new?

RC: I’m always working on something new, but never talk about it until it’s finished. Even then I don’t like to say much about my writing. Writers write, speakers speak – generally.

RW: Where is your favorite vacation spot?

RC: I have two. One is in North Wales, a perfect little purpose-built Italianate village called Portmeirion. The other is actually in Italy: the town of Bellagio beside Lake Como. If you’re looking for some place to encourage your imagination to wander - or to write – head to either of these!

Thank you so much, Roo!  Little do you know that your answers to the last question have made me miss Wales and Bellagio...both places I've visited and agree are beautiful.