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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Terri Rowe Interview

This time, I'm interviewing another awesome MeeGenius author who's another home state girl. (perhaps MichGenius would be a more accurate name?)
Terri Rowe is the author of the adorable, and fun, Green Goo. So head on over there and snatch up a copy for yourself. It's cute. It's funny. It won't break the bank.
You can keep up with Terri on her blog and her Facebook page.
So, without further ado, Terri Rowe!
The Restless Writer (RW): What undesirable food item is ‘green goo’ to you?
Terri Rowe (TR): Well, I was quite limited in my eating habits-it took me years to get brave enough to try a lot of different foods. I didn't like tomatoes when I was really young-but by the time I was around 10-they were one of my favorite foods. I also didn't try guacamole until I was an adult-and now I love it soo much-I even use it as a sandwich spread. I was blessed with an aunt that always was encouraging me to tr new foods and new experiences. I am still not fond of red cherries-but I will eat them. I prefer black cherries. I also agree with my 98 year old grandmother-she says custard pie is certainly not her favorite-but she will eat! :)

RW: Did a particular incident prompt you to write this story?
TR: When I was first dating my husband-I went to a family Christmas gathering on his side adn that was the first time I met my two year old nephew. Someone had just had him try some food that he didn't like-the texture was gross to him-and as he toddled over to me-he stopped and threw up all over me. He looked at me with big sad eyes-a little scared. I laughed-asked him if he felt better-he nodded-and then I said-"Well, it's all okay. Let's get you cleaned up." I had him in mind and two of my friends daughters-one tha also vomits when trying foods of an odd texture and one that eats guacamole by the spoonful-at just two years old.

RW: How long have you been writing for children?
TR: I have been writing for children for over 10 years. One of my first projects was a gift for a co-worker. I ended up with his name for a Christmas gift exchange and my other co-workers challenged me to write and illustrate a story for the guy's daughter-as he was devoted to her. I spent well over 80 hours on that project. I was very proud of it and it was extremely well received. :)

RW: How did you first hear of MeeGenius?
TR: I am a fan of Three Minute Fiction contests on Facebook-which is an online writer's community based on the 600 word or less writing challenge sponsored by NPR. I saw a blurb on that sight about the MeeGenius Author Challenge and thought it sounded very exciting!

RW: What’s your favorite meal?
TR: My dad's homemade lasagna-with his homemade sauce, garlic toast, and his coleslaw with his homemade sauce. We usually have guacamole and chips as an appetizer.

RW: If you were invited to a dinner party that was only serving classically hated foods, who would you want to go with you?
TR: I would want my siblings there, my husband-and also my best friend. My best friend is always horrified by my ability to try and eat foods that I have never had or don't really like very much.

RW: Who are some of your favorite children’s picture book authors?
TR: From my childhood-I loved Katherine Jackson, Richard Scarry, and as I got older Marion Holland, Laura Inglass Wilder, Sydney Taylor, Elizabeth Enright, Lois Lenski, Julie Campbell, and so many, many other great authors. I was blessed with plenty of time spent at the library and reading at home. :)

RW: What are you working on now?
TR: I am working on four new storybooks. One of them also features a food-this time a pretty universal favorite food of children around the world. I am also working on two middle grade novels, a blog, and several screenplays.

Thanks so much for stopping by Terri! Although, you have made me hungry for guacamole. :) 


  1. Thank you, Sarah, for all you do in encouraging other authors. I really appreciate your support. :O)

    1. No problem, Terri. We're all in this crazy pursuit of publication together. We are the dreamers, if we can't support each other, who can? Besides, your book is adorable. The world needs to see more from you!

  2. Greetings!

    I'm hopping over from GUTGAA and wanted to start visiting some blogs early! Nice to meet you...you have a lovely blog!

    Donna L Martin