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Thursday, September 22, 2011

But enough about me...

Hello everyone out there!  In the spirit of fairness (and pushing down that debut video post of mine) I decided to do something fun with you.  At least, I think it'll be fun. 
Besides writing, music is very important to me.  I usually listen to music while I write.  It helps me access the right mood, feelings, words.  So I thought I'd post a list of the top 10 songs I listen to while writing my YA novel...which I'm still revising.  In exchange, I hope you'll post your own top 10 list of songs in the comments.  It can be for what you're writing, it can just be the soundtrack of your life, it can be your favorite 10 songs right now, it could be 10 songs you just hate.  Whatever you want.  It's all about you. 

These are the 10 most played according to my Itunes, and you know, Itunes doesn't lie. 

1.  The Consort  - Rufus Wainwright
2.  Trapeze - Iron and Wine
3.  Thinking About You - Radiohead
4.  A Long Goodbye - Erasure
5.  Rise - Gabrielle
6.  I hope tomorrow is like today - Guster
7.  To the Ghosts who write history - The Low Anthem
8.  Porcelain (Trin Remix with Enya) - Moby and Enya
9.  Follow Me  - Paul McCartney
10.  I'm About to Come Alive - Train

What top ten songs make your list?


  1. This is fun. I am still working on "music" for writing, so right now there is still silence. However, I still love all things from Taylor Swift for inspiration. :)

  2. My playlist changes as I get tired of songs and replace them with new ones, but this what I'm listening to now for Wolfy Love Story.

    1. Set Fire To The Rain- Adele
    2. Beautiful Disaster- Jon Mclaughlin
    3. By Your Side- Tenth Avenue North
    4. Get Around This- Safetysuit
    5. Blindness- Metric
    6. Ashes and Wine- A Fine Frenzy
    7. Animal- Neon Trees
    8. Gravity- Sara Bareilles
    9. Someone Like You- Safetysuit
    10.Satisfy- Tenth Avenue North

  3. I can't listen to lyrics with music when I write, sadly. Instead I listen to movie scores. For the book I just finished I listened to the Tron Legacy score until my husband was like PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. Haha.

    And yes, I am querying now. It's exciting! You need to finish so you can join the party. ;)

  4. I listen to a wide variety of music. But most of the times I write in silence.

  5. I'm with Elizabeth, I can't listen to lyrics when I write, and I even find instrumental music distracts me after a while, but I DO use music to inform and inspire my writing. But I have a couple of movie scores that I listen to a lot, and indeed, some tracks have become the score for parts of my novel. Truth be told, they've become so entrenched in my story that if it ever gets published and consequently made into a movie, I'm going to be very upset if we can't get the right clearance to use those tracks!

    Sarah, still not seen your video, I must do so now! But it's brill to see Erasure in your most played!

  6. Seen it! I think it's great! I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do the same! Love the accent too! But then, I'm in England, and frankly even at 33 I find American accents* strangely glamorous! But yes - great video, kudos for having the nerve to do it! Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book...pardon the pun...

    *as a "Brit" I'm always somewhat amused that people refer to the "British accent"...so I've added this little footnote to point out that I'm fully aware that there are probably hundreds of different accents in the US, just like any country. So while I say I find "American accents" strangely exotic, I'm not deliberately pigeonholing them all together. On this occasion, I happen to like the particular pigeon hole in which Sarah's accent fits. I literally have no clue what I'm talking about now. So er...sorry. I'll be quiet.

  7. John, glad to see a fellow Erasure fan here. I feel like we're few and far between, but those guys have some great music.
    As an American who spent a summer in England and no one seemed to like my accent, I have to say, I'm pleased that someone thinks it's glamorous. Thanks for that. Made me smile.
    By all means, try a video of your own. Throw caution to the wind! Who gives a rip what people think of you? If I can post a video for the world to see when I'm feeling sick and looking like crap, you can certainly make one when you're healthy. Go for it! Feel empowered! You are writer! Let us hear you roar! ;)

  8. For all of you who write in silence, wow! I can't imagine. I have been known to turn down the music when I really need to ponder out something in my writing, but I sometimes turn it up and just let the music flow through my brain. For me, it helps unlock things sometimes.
    Everyone has a different writing process. It's really fun to hear your thoughts. Keep them coming!

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  10. Very nice list of songs. I usually listen to classical because I find it doesn't distract me. For my current work, I have listened to a lot of impressionist classical composers: Debussy, Satie, Ravel. It is such timeless music, and fits perfectly with my scenes.