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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Slogging through blogging.  No, not really, that was just fun to say.  I am, however, slogging through the final chapters of Dream Girl.  This is seriously hard work.  I completed chapter 37 yesterday and today.  In order to fit in some writing time, I actually wrote most of ch. 37 longhand in a fancy journal that my friend, Mary Beth, gave me years ago.  Don't judge me for parenting with one hand and writing with the other.  ;) 
Chapter 37 was actually a huge turning point for the novel and myself.  It sets up a huge plot element that will need its own book to explore.  Yes, Dream Girl is a big story.  I am not generally in love with sequels but there is a lot going on here that needs two books to fully explore. 
Now that I have this chapter finished, I can feel the wheels winding down toward the end.  At this point, I think everything has been set in motion that needs to be in motion.  This is a truly exciting point to be at.  I've got one more chapter to write this month to met my goal.  (I was getting worried that by the 6th, I still had not gotten a chance to sit down and write.)  I'm feeling good about everything except that looking at the outline and what I've got, things have shifted a bit.  My original outline for chapter 36 ended up getting split into 2 chapters.  So I may still have 13 chapters left unless something gets condensed or eliminated.  We shall see.  The outline is only to make sure that I have a logical progression of main points.  How I actually get to those points is all inspiration as I go along. 
Well, to reward you for slogging through this blog post of my thinking out loud, I will give you a little snippet of some of my writing.  Here's a link to a couple author interviews I did during my days reviewing for a website called www.myshelf.com
I highly recommend that you read the Withern Rise Triology (US title) Aldous Lexicon (UK title) by Michael Lawrence.  If I hadn't read those books, Dream Girl would not have developed from the scribbles in my journal.  His is the first interview which I am quite proud of.  First author interview I'd ever done and Michael actually complimented me on the questions.
Here is an interview with Marisa de los SantosLoved Walked In is an absolutely beautiful book.  She has a line in it, that I can't quote directly, but it's so beautiful it's stuck with me.  If I could write something as striking and real as she did, I'd be a happy woman.
Now on to chapter 38! 

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