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Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's the final countdown

So, last night I couldn't stand not knowing anymore and I pushed my way through outlining the rest of Dream Girl. Ladies and gentlemen, there are 16 chapters left. (give or take a little) I'm hoping I can average 2 chapters a month for the next 8 months. However, when you're the mother of two small children, you don't have the luxury of setting your own schedule, especially when you're not writing under a deadline or with a definite payout on the horizon. I'm also hoping that, worst case scenario, the first draft is completed by the end of the year. Seems so far away when we're just starting January now.
But if I do go to the huge conference in California at the end of July, I would at least be able to say that I know how many chapters are left to be written and that they're outlined. I think that would be very helpful should I meet someone powerful with even a shred of interest in the book.
I did stay up too late last night since I vowed to not go to bed until I finally finished Ch. 32. By 10, I had finally gotten my daughter to get in bed and stay there. Once I got through the chapter, which turned out to be 10 pages, I decided I needed to outline the rest of the book then and there because I couldn't stand not knowing how much is left. At this stage of the game, I need a concrete(ish) goal to work toward. So now I've got it. 16 chapters stand between me and a completed draft. It's on.

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